Past Clients and Architects

The following is a list of the clients we have had the privilege of serving over the past few years:


  • Jon and Karen Huntsman

  • Mitt and Ann Romney

  • Bill and Joanne Shiebler

  • Marty and Perry Granoff

  • David and Marilyn Dunn

  • Rick and Christina Durham

  • Don and Barbara Ostler

  • Heber Jacobsen

  • Vern and Rebecca Cooley

  • Dave and Susan Koelliker

  • Mark and Kathy Miller

  • Robert and Suzanne Marquardt

  • Mike and Debbie Tempest

  • Steven and Margaret Wheelwright

  • David and Elizabeth Palmer

  • Christina Shiebler

  • David and Deborah Checketts

  • Kevin and June Pearson

  • David and Jennifer Parkin

  • Dan Lemaitre and Sarah Tueting

  • Spencer and Kristen Kirk

  • Kent and Collette Butterfield

  • Kipp and Danell Myers

  • Julie Creer


We have enjoyed working with and have received magnificent architectural designs from:


  • Babcock Design Group, Fred Babcock

  • Schiel Architects, Alex Schiel

  • High Desert Workshop, Van Lewis

  • Ross Viehweg and Associates, Ross Viehweg, Paul Anderson

  • Vincent Design Group, Jeff Vincent


Check out some of our photos in the gallery.